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Elon Musk for the environment


Good evening Mr. Elon Musk , we all know you are an American multi millionaire and businessman. When you were younger you established or co-founded many brands like Paypal, but you are famous around the world thanks to SpaceX, for interplanetary space, Tesla for the automotive world, and for renewable energy with Solar City. Your dedication to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and pollution has recently led you to give a sum of 100 Million dollars <<for best carbon capture technology>>. Moreover, SolarCity is one of the best American companies for photovoltaic installation to use solar energy. In addition to this, you have also promoted the creation of space rockets, like Falcon 9, which have some parts of the launch system ( first stage and fairings) with the possibility to be re-used to reduce the Energy for creation from scratch. Elon Musk, you have also developed your Tesla cars with a high-performance total electric system to eliminate CO2 emissions. So, your interests broaden out to many fields and I think it is appropriate to ask:

-You are connected to the most innovative areas of high importance, so what are your projects to reduce carbon dioxide in your future projects?

-In addition to the substantial sum already made available, are you planning to promote further financial support with reference to the environment?

-The missile world is very fascinating but has various negative aspects, so, how do you plan to solve the problem of space and terrestrial pollution due to the various launches? For instance, are you planning to employ more sustainable fuels?

-Current electric cars are an effective way to fight air pollution, but the downside is their high price, which can’t be afforded by everyone. What about designing a Tesla model of an utilitarian car so as to promote the purchase of these cars among common people too? Do you think this will be feasible or not?

– It is also well known that another way to fight global warming is to reduce toxic industrial waste, which endangers wildlife and the environment. So, are you considering making all your companies one hundred percent green?

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for the great deal of initiatives about the environment, the technological field and the medicinal one, because they all generally convert into reality.

Thank you very much for your attention.

3bls I.I.S. G. Mazzatinti (Gubbio)

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