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The real Iron Man


Dear Mr. Musk,

we are two Italian girls who are fascinated by your investments and projects for the protection of the environment and for the world of technology. First of all, we are struck by your story. Immigrant from South Africa, you managed to assert yourself and show all your skills by founding companies that today are among the most listed in the world.

We are all fans of the Tesla company, in addition to the power and beauty of the vehicle, also because it is among the first electric cars, which do not need fuel to move but use an electric motor, and equipped with an autonomous driving beta system. Its groundbreaking technology aims to accelerate the planet’s transition to energy sustainability and distance itself from dependence on fossil fuels.

Another project, aimed towards the future, which makes us dream a lot, is SpaceX which is committed to send man to Mars by 2024. There are many possibilities for humanity to disappear and the reasons are many: the main one is that of a catastrophe due to human action such as global warming, which we hear more and more often about, and for this reason we have started looking for escape ways. Mars appears to be the most realistic option to date, although there are still many obstacles to overcome. Will we ever live in the reality of Interstellar?

Fascinating is also what concerns Solar City, a company that is based on the production and diffusion of energy systems that exploit the sunlight. Non-renewable energies, in addition to having a strong impact on the ecosystem and contributing to pollution, are subject to exhaustion: they are destined to end in 150 years or sooner. The process of creating renewable sources is more expensive than exhaustible ones. From our humble point of view, more money should be invested in renewable energy sources and your project sets a great example and a great hope.

The Hyperloop project, on the other hand, proposes “a combination of active and passive means to reduce the negative effects of air resistance”, and if it is achieved, which we all hope, it will allow people and goods to move faster, more efficiently and more green-friendly from one city to another. The connection times would be extremely reduced and, economically speaking, it would be advantageous, it would produce more energy than the consumed one. We volunteer to try the supersonic train!

Another challenge to create a better future in the environmental field is to develop a functioning carbon dioxide capture system. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the cognitive skills to be able to reach the final victory, but we hope that in the not too distant future the goal will be achieved. For now, the $ 100 million is up to you.

The dream of each of us is to reach goals that others cannot even imagine and your personality and your innovative ideas help us to believe in them a little more.

In particular, our dream is to start our own projects and maybe be able to work with you (ambitious, isn’t it?!).

Sincerely, and even if I don’t know how much it may interest you, please note that you have all our respect.


Thank you,

by Letizia & Michela.

4als I.I.S. G. Mazzatinti (Gubbio)

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